Multimedia Production

We provide a variety of HD media services to suit your needs


We can provide principal photography for your event or occasion. Using professional level cameras, lenses, and equipment, Barbarian Media can ensure that your event is visually stunning. We also provide Pre and post processing services.

Mobile App Services

Use Barbarian Media to create your Android, iPhone, or iPad application

Barbarian Media will be doing a photo shoot with an internationally published model.
Barbarian Media will be doing camera work and production support for an upcoming music video


Barbarian Media offers a full-range of creative solutions, including graphic design, multimedia production and mobile applications. With over 14 years of experience across multiple industries, we understand our client's challenges and produce deliverables that exceed their expectations.


Multimedia Production:
We have the expertise to strategically blend multiple media platforms to reach your target audience. This include our work producing high-performance HD commercials, music videos, promotional videos and web sites. We're also your source for high-quality audio mixing and production.

Our professional photographers understand the importance of capturing life's special moments. Using professional-level cameras, lenses, and equipment, Barbarian Media offers photographic services that creates lasting memories. We also provide pre- and post-processing services.


Graphic Design:
We specialize in creating eye-catching, high-impact visuals for your business. From brand identity packages to print ads, we produce media that gets attention.

Mobile Application Development:
Your customers are mobile and you should be, too! Barbarian Media can design and publish an iPhone, iPad, or Android app for your business, event, or organization. Now, you can go mobile and global at the same time!